If you’ve ever tried to delete a bookmark in SocialAdr, you’ve likely noticed this warning message:  

The reason we tried to make it absolutely clear in this message that deleted bookmarks could not be recovered is because the process is truly frustrating.  The CMS that SocialAdr is built on, Elgg, had bookmarking capabilities already, and when a bookmark was deleted it was gone…permanently.  We’ve kept it this way since the very beginning.  So if you ever deleted a bookmark and then wanted to add it back, you had to email Support and get us to help you through the process.

Well, we heard your complaints and took action.  Now, when you delete a bookmark, you’ll see a less-terrifying warning message, but…they are no longer *really* gone.  They get disabled and disappear from your “My Bookmarks” page, and you won’t receive any social submissions on them anymore, but they still exist and can be recovered.

Introducing, the Deleted Bookmarks page!

You’ll see this new sub-menu item by clicking the “Bookmarks” main menu.

The  button will attempt to undelete any deleted bookmarks you can see.  Alternatively, you can click the  button beside each bookmark to undelete only that bookmark.  Easy!

Feel free to leave any comments/questions below.

PS. This new functionality is release v.2.732.