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  • SocialAdr v2.750 Released

    2:35 pm on September 16, 2014 | 0 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    We’ve just rolled out some updates, mostly related to making the user interface easier to use.

    1. Force long-string text wrapping for bookmark descriptions on the Share Queue page
    2. Add tooltip popup messages on Add Bookmark page, so it’s more obvious what each field should be used for.Keywords tooltip
    3. Tweet popup window had fields that were expanding past the edge of the window.  This is fixed.
    4. Bug fix when adding a bookmark in Easy mode and the description field wasn’t long enough, it was possible to be switched to Advanced mode without wanting that.
  • v2.34 Released

    3:44 pm on March 2, 2011 | 4 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    For this latest release we’ve fixed a bug that was allowing certain bookmarks to exceed their specified Submission Limit.  In addition, the “History” – My Bookmarks” page was updated to be more user-friendly and faster loading.

    We’ve also made improvements to SubmissionBoost that have increased the # of sites submitted to by about 40%.  What does this mean?  More diversity in your backlinks, for as little effort as clicking a single check-box on the “Add Bookmark” page :)

    We also wanted to give you a heads up of what we’re working on:

    • Facebook “Like” integration
    • Twitter “Tweet” integration

    Both of these will likely use the same ‘ol SocialAdr credit system that you’re used to.  Our goal is to make them as easy to use as possible but there may be permissions that you’ll need to grant SocialAdr in order for us to access your Facebook/Twitter accounts.

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