If this isn’t your first time visiting the blog, you’ve no doubt already checked out the press release about me joining SocialAdr.  Maybe it was totally clear what I’m doing here, or maybe it left you completely clueless.  I thought I’d give you some idea of what kind of changes you’ll see as a result of my coming on board.

1) Better performance – I have a long history of working on systems that are under heavy load.  One of the first things on our todo list is to make sure that we are not only providing a fast and responsive experience to our members, but that it stays that way when new people join.  We’re going to be reworking some of the core processes to run faster and smoother.

2) Streamlining the experience – In addition to speeding things up, you’ll probably also notice a few changes in how the site works.  We want to do anything and everything we can to make it quick and easy to get your work done so that you can get on to other things.  Sure, SocialAdr is already the fastest and easiest service of it’s kind, but we’re going to take it even further.

3) Enhanced documentation and help – A few of our members have found it difficult or confusing to get up and running on SocialAdr.  I’ll be working through creating some step-by-step instructions and videos to help address that.

4) Add more value to members – We’re going to be revamping the way our accounts are structured to make the service even more valuable for our customers.

5) Affiliate program – This has been mentioned before, but we will be rolling out an affiliate program at some point.  This will allow you to refer friends, customers, or whoever and get paid for it.  The only thing better than a SocialAdr.com account is a SocialAdr.com account that’s paid for by other people!

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but I hope it gives you an idea of where we’re headed.