As of about an hour ago the Twitter integration is live again!   We’ve made a few changes in order to comply with the Twitter API Terms of Service, and the good folks at Twitter were kind enough to provide guidance while we made the changes.

Here’s what’s been changed:

  • “Quick Tweet” page removed – so you are no longer able to queue up 5 tweets with the press of a button.  This is so that you’re forced to customize and review every tweet being posted to your account.  Sure, it’ll take more time to do your tweets now, but this should make them more desirable and meaningful.
  • Sponsored declaration added – each tweet will now have one of the following added to it.  This is to make it clear to your followers that the message is an advertisement.
    • Ad:
    • #ad
    • Sponsored:
    • #sponsored
    • Promo:
    • #promo

We also strongly recommend that prior to hooking up your Twitter account to SocialAdr, you review the Twitter TOS and the Twitter Rules (specifically the section on Spam).  One simple practice you should follow is to also use your Twitter account for real, non-advertisement, unique messages, that don’t include links…in other words, don’t only use your account for SocialAdr or other marketing systems.