We’ve just released a major update to the SocialAdr API.   Here’s what was changed:

New Methods

/fblikes/history – List the history for each Facebook Likes Campaign

/url/update – Update an existing bookmark

/url/delete – Delete a bookmark

/url/undelete – Undelete a bookmark

/url/archived – List archived bookmarks

/reseller/subaccounts – List a Reseller’s subaccounts

More Support for Resellers

All the existing and new methods have been updated so that Resellers can view and change data for sub-accounts.  Just use the ‘subaccount_guid’ parameter for each method to select a sub-account.  Learn more about Reseller accounts here.

Updated Documentation

Our API Methods documentation is now using Swagger, an open standard for describing REST APIs with JSON.  In less nerd-speak, it makes the documentation page much easier to read.  Check it out here: http://socialadr.com/pg/apps/api-methods