If your time is valuable, you likely don’t like spending it doing menial, repetitive tasks such as creating social bookmarking accounts.

Well you’re in luck!  We now have a new option as part of the Setup Wizard which charges a small 1-time fee (currently $7) for us to create all your (17) social bookmarking service accounts.  This process can often take over an hour.  Luckily we’ve got a team of minions that are really good at it 😉

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A new email address (either Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail) and password
  • All 17 accounts created and email verified (unless any of the sites are offline)
  • An email containing the credentials of your new accounts
  • Peace of mind knowing it’s been done properly and no steps were missed
  • Turnaround is typically within 24 hours

This is part of the latest release, v2.13.   Also, we’ve unfortunately had to disable the Faviki service as we were having technical issues sending it data.