It’s the middle of the ski season here in Utah and I like to maximize my time on the mountain. I was just checking out the weather and we’re going to get 8-10 inches tomorrow. Yeehaaa!

But sadly, business doesn’t take a break for snow days. So we still need to keep things moving forward, keep connecting with new leads and bringing in new sales.

Which is exactly why we built SocialAdr in the first place. Because we wanted a tool that was going to work for us even when we weren’t working. And that’s exactly what it does. Set it and forget it, as they say.

Are you leveraging that kind of automation in your business?

To celebrate all the fluffy snow I hope to shred this weekend, how about a coupon? For the next few days you can grab 50% bonus credits with any instant package:

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Use this to save some time while getting a bunch of social promotion for your website. And then go out and do something fun!

Remember, this is only around for a couple days so get it while it’s cold: