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  • Improved indexing rates of social media links

    2:19 am on January 14, 2012 | 8 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    We’ve been experimenting for a while now on different techniques for improving search engine indexing rates.  And we’ve got some good news: we can happily say that we’ve found a service that seems to work quite well.


    In our tests, we managed to increase the indexing rates of a random set of over 400 social media account URLs by nearly 50% (48% to be exact) over a 3 week period.  That’s huge.

    Why is it important for backlinks to be indexed?

    It’s widely believed in the SEO business that backlinks aren’t valuable unless they are visible in Google’s index (by doing a site: or info: search for the url in Google).  I personally think links can also be valuable (possibly less valuable though) if Google decides not to show them in their index, but that’s just my opinion.  My reasoning is that many sites use the noindex meta tag, but why should this mean that links from these pages to other pages should be ignored in determining rankings?

    What does this mean to SocialAdr members?

    All social media links created by SocialAdr will now be processed by BacklinksIndexer.   We’re not charging anything extra for this new feature, and there’s nothing you need to do to enable it for your account.

    By boosting the indexation rates, this should increase the “link juice” or SEO benefit of these links.  As far as exactly how much effect this should have on rankings, we’re not sure, but if you happen to notice any differences, we’d love to hear about it.

  • You asked for SPIN tags? You got ’em.

    7:34 pm on February 5, 2010 | 5 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    The latest SocialAdr enhancement (v2.14) gives you the ability to SPIN the bookmark Title and Description.

    Spin Tags are used to dynamically convert a single piece of text into many unique variations.  The idea is to use psynonyms throughout the text which are then ‘spun’.  We’ve decided to use { for the start tag | for the separator and } for the end tag. If you’re really hardcore you can even use nested SPIN tags!



    SocialAdr {automated|autopilot|bookmark} backlinks are great for {SEO|Search Engine Optimization}

    Result: (one sentence turns into 6)

    • SocialAdr automated backlinks are great for SEO
    • SocialAdr autopilot backlinks are great for SEO
    • SocialAdr bookmark backlinks are great for SEO
    • SocialAdr automated backlinks are great for Search Engine Optimization
    • SocialAdr autopilot backlinks are great for Search Engine Optimization
    • SocialAdr bookmark backlinks are great for Search Engine Optimization


    The benefits of using SPIN tags for your Bookmarks are:

    1. You can use multiple keywords (tags) in the Title, with the help of SPIN tags.  This means that rather than having hundreds of backlinks to your URL all using the same anchor text, you get a variety of different anchor texts, using different targeted keywords.  Variety is good!
    2. You get multiple unique variations of the Description text.  It’s arguable how beneficial this is in regards to social bookmarking, as many of the sites allow NO description.  There’s also debate on whether search engines care about the uniqueness of content on a page where a backlink originates from.  However, at least you’d be playing it safe by spinning your Descriptions.


    How do I use the new SPIN tag functionality?

    bookmark spin tagsIt’s easy!  Log into SocialAdr.  Go to the Add Bookmark page.  Enter the details of your new bookmark, making sure to use the SPIN tag format as described above.  Remember that only the Title and Description can be spun.  Then click the Spin Preview link for each entity to verify that your SPIN tags are entered properly.   Save the bookmark as normal.

    You can also Edit your existing bookmarks and add in the SPIN tags.   Just go to Bookmarks – My Bookmarks.  Click the Title of the bookmark you want to edit.  Then click the Edit link.  You’ll be taken to the form with all the existing details filled out.  Make whatever changes you’d like and click Save.


    What about Tags?

    We haven’t forgotten about Tags.  It didn’t seem appropriate to allow SPIN text for them, but what we’ve done is randomize their order and use a subset (at least half) of them when the bookmarks are submitted to the social bookmarking services.


    Original Tags

    • social bookmarking, bookmarking software, bookmarking tools, socialadr, backlinking

    Tags used for the bookmark submission

    • bookmarking tools, backlinking, socialadr, social bookmarking
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