Here’s the latest SocialAdr updates:

  • New bookmarks will be moved to the front of the Share Queue.  This way users should feel more satisfied that the system is working sooner.
  • A validation popup message was added to the Add Bookmark page to ensure that spintax {|} is used in the Title field.  It’s becoming more and more important to vary the Title text, because it forms your anchor text for backlinks, and Google penalizes sites that have a lot of identical anchor text, as it looks spammy.
  • We started beta testing on a new module that will allow you to automatically create Bookmarks from RSS feeds.  If all goes well we’ll be opening it up to more users sometime next year.
  • We added a couple new social media sites.
  • We’ve created a new Social Engage service where we’ll manage your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), post regular updates, engage users, and build better relationships with your followers and fans.