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  • SocialAdr Ranked one of the Best Content Distribution Companies

    9:05 am on December 20, 2013 | 0 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    TopSEOs has released the rankings of the Best Content Distribution Companies for December 2013, and we’re proud to announce that we made #2!

    Businesses looking for capable content distribution solutions turn to the ratings produced online in order to identify content distribution software providers which have been evaluated by an independent third party. The ratings are reexamined monthly to account for the latest accomplishments of top contesting search engine marketing software providers and to showcase the top providers of capable solutions.

    To most adequately help clients of online marketing services, the independent research team at performs a thorough investigation of experienced and illustrious content distribution services. The investigation involves the use of a set of evaluation criteria consisting of five verticals of investigation to benchmark and compare competing content distribution services based on their core competencies. The five areas of evaluation include diversity, automation, feature offering, content syndication, and quality control.

    The 10 top content distribution services for December 2013 are:

    1) OnlyWire

    2) SocialAdr

    3) Bookmarkwiz

    4) WL Marketing

    5) Bookmarking Flicks

    6) BookmarkingDemon

    7) SEnuke XCr

    8) EdgeCast Networks

    9) Pure Content

    10) Social Media Science

  • Improved indexing rates of social media links

    2:19 am on January 14, 2012 | 8 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    We’ve been experimenting for a while now on different techniques for improving search engine indexing rates.  And we’ve got some good news: we can happily say that we’ve found a service that seems to work quite well.


    In our tests, we managed to increase the indexing rates of a random set of over 400 social media account URLs by nearly 50% (48% to be exact) over a 3 week period.  That’s huge.

    Why is it important for backlinks to be indexed?

    It’s widely believed in the SEO business that backlinks aren’t valuable unless they are visible in Google’s index (by doing a site: or info: search for the url in Google).  I personally think links can also be valuable (possibly less valuable though) if Google decides not to show them in their index, but that’s just my opinion.  My reasoning is that many sites use the noindex meta tag, but why should this mean that links from these pages to other pages should be ignored in determining rankings?

    What does this mean to SocialAdr members?

    All social media links created by SocialAdr will now be processed by BacklinksIndexer.   We’re not charging anything extra for this new feature, and there’s nothing you need to do to enable it for your account.

    By boosting the indexation rates, this should increase the “link juice” or SEO benefit of these links.  As far as exactly how much effect this should have on rankings, we’re not sure, but if you happen to notice any differences, we’d love to hear about it.

  • Google +1 has arrived

    11:07 pm on December 3, 2011 | 2 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    We heard your requests for Google +1 and took action.  Subscribed members can now receive Google +1 clicks on their URLs.  We believe this addition to our already awesome list of social media sites will be huge for your rankings and traffic.

    What do I need to do to receive Google +1 clicks?

    If you already have a ‘Lazy’ account, absolutely nothing.  If you don’t, you just need to upgrade.  Free members cannot receive +1 clicks.

    Where can I view the history of +1’s I’ve received?

    You can view your history at History > Google +1 Received

    How many credits does it cost for each +1?

    Only 10 credits.  We believe this is very competitive based on the pricing of other +1 services.

    How can I opt-out of receiving +1 clicks?

    You can disable +1 for all your bookmark URLs here.

    The rollout of Google +1 is SocialAdr release v2.68.

  • And now presenting…Auto Pinging!

    10:50 pm on June 24, 2010 | 0 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    The latest SocialAdr v2.25 enhancement is a pinging service that notifies search engines when new bookmarks are submitted to the social bookmarking sites.  The primary benefit of pinging is so that the search engine bots are aware of the new or updated pages and (hopefully) decide to index/crawl them quicker.  When this happens they see the backlinks to your pages faster and your rankings should improve quicker.

    We know that a lot of members have been manually pinging the pages their bookmarks appear on, so this should help all those folks free up some precious time.

    And best of all, there’s absolutely nothing you need to do to get it to work and we’re not charging a cent for it.  This new service will work for every SocialAdr user effective immediately.

    In addition, this release includes a bug fix on the “Add Bookmark” page that wouldn’t allow special characters like ampersand (&) to be used in the Spin Preview.

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