The latest SocialAdr v2.25 enhancement is a pinging service that notifies search engines when new bookmarks are submitted to the social bookmarking sites.  The primary benefit of pinging is so that the search engine bots are aware of the new or updated pages and (hopefully) decide to index/crawl them quicker.  When this happens they see the backlinks to your pages faster and your rankings should improve quicker.

We know that a lot of members have been manually pinging the pages their bookmarks appear on, so this should help all those folks free up some precious time.

And best of all, there’s absolutely nothing you need to do to get it to work and we’re not charging a cent for it.  This new service will work for every SocialAdr user effective immediately.

In addition, this release includes a bug fix on the “Add Bookmark” page that wouldn’t allow special characters like ampersand (&) to be used in the Spin Preview.