Last night we rolled out version 2.22 of  The major change in this release was adding the ability to control how many times a bookmark is submitted before it is automatically disabled.

On the edit bookmark screen, in the bottom right corner, you’ll see the box where you can enter the number of submissions you would like a bookmark to receive:

When choosing a limit, don’t forget that each site counts as a submission.  Setting a very low limit means that your bookmark might not even make it to each social bookmarking site once.

Once you’ve set a limit, it will show up in a couple of places.  First, under my bookmarks, we will now show you how many submissions you’ve received (instead of the old ‘share’ value) and what the limit is.  Looks like this:

And finally, we also show you on the bookmark detail page, so you can see it before you edit:

Once your bookmark has reached the submission limit, we’ll automatically pause it for you.  You can always go in and increase the submission limit and then un-pause it if you’d like to promote it more in the future.

We’re hoping that this new capability will let our members have much better control over exactly how their sites and pages are promoted.  Let us know what you think!