One of the things that we’ve heard from a few users is that they wish the share queue would stay more full.  That’s a reasonable request, since our most active customers can share up to 20 links per day, and they need to if they want their links to be shared in return.

We’re faced with a pretty basic challenge though, which is that our most active users are the ones most likely to be pumping new links into the system.  On top of that, our free users can only have a couple of links going at a time, and can only have them shared twice.  Those two items plus a couple of others makes for a difficult situation.

So how do we address this?  There are a number of directions we’re going to tackle this from, and in combination we’re confident they will eliminate any issue.

First, in the tuning UP department, we’re going to be increasing the number of links that people can have in the system, especially our free users.  And secondly, we’ll be tuning up the number of times that each user’s links can be shared.

These two items will result in more links being available to share, both because there are more going into the system in the first place and also because they will stick around longer once they get there.

But that’s just the beginning.  There are even more changes coming in the ‘tuning down’ department.  I’ll explore some of those in Part 2.