We’ve had a lot of requests for this enhancement (v2.57), so we’re pretty happy that we got it rolled out.

In the past, each account type (Free, Lazy Link Builder, etc.) had a “max shares” limit associated with it.  The better the account, the higher the limit.  And each “share” can result in up to 20 or so “submissions”.  Once the share limit was reached, the users bookmarks were archived and could no longer be submitted to the social media sites.  The only way you could un-archive them was to upgrade your account.

Here’s how this all works now:

  • We’ve removed all “max shares” references and now we use “max submissions”.  The main reason for this is that each share results in a variable number of submissions, depending on numerous factors.  So it’s not really fair that Bookmark A might be archived after being submitted 1000 times and Bookmark B might make it to 1300.
  • You can now increase your “max shares” limit regardless of which account type you have. So if you only have a few bookmarks and therefore only require a ‘Lazy Free’ account, but want your bookmarks to continue to get submitted to the social sites, forever, you can boost your limit to “doubled” or “unlimited”.

Just go to the Max Submission Limits page to increase your limit.