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  • SocialAdr v2.31 Released – Social bookmarking site connection enhancements

    3:45 pm on December 21, 2010 | 0 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    We’ve done some tweaking of  the following social bookmarking site connectors, in order to improve error messaging and to handle new code changes on their end:

    • Tugatop
    • Connotea
    • MySiteVote
    • Gravee
  • SocialAdr v2.09 Released

    11:40 pm on January 4, 2010 | 0 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    We’ve just rolled out some more changes to SocialAdr!

    They include:

    • SiteSays social bookmarking service added.
    • Faviki social bookmarking service added.  They’re pretty interesting as they use Wikipedia-concept tags, rather than just allowing anything and everything.
    • Jumptags social bookmarking service added.
    • Gravee social bookmarking service removed.  This is hopefully temporary…it seems that their site is infected with a trojan so nobody can register and it sets off virus scanners.
    • Propeller social bookmarking service removed.  They didn’t seem too keen on the type of bookmarks coming from us – as they’re more of a “News” site – so we thought it was best to respect their wishes.
    • Improved the Setup Wizard for DeliciousYahoo linking to make it easier to use.
  • Tuning Up, Tuning Down – Part 1.5

    5:15 pm on November 15, 2009 | 0 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    Before I get around to Part 2, we need to take a minor detour to talk about a couple other recent changes.  I mentioned in the v1.13 release notes that there were three additions made to the system that I wasn’t going to reveal just yet.  For those of you that haven’t figure out what they were, your wait is over:

    We added three new social bookmarking sites to SocialAdr, including GetBoo, Gravee, and BlinkList.  They are up and running and ready for you to start using by signing up for accounts and then adding your logins to SocialAdr.

    The ‘tuning down’ part of this post is that we are replacing three services that were starting to cause problems, so the total number of bookmarking services is not actually changing.  The services that we’re deactivating are Tumblr, Propeller, and Chipmark.  We’d like to bring those services back in the future if we can work through the problems they are causing, but for now we’ll be moving forward with our new services.

    We are also keeping a close eye on Backflip, as they had a server outage and haven’t been able to recover yet.  If that service continues to be offline, we will most likely replace it with an alternate service.

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