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  • How to use Sharesly to Dominate Affiliate Marketing

    5:40 pm on January 13, 2015 | 0 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    Most people who get started in internet marketing first learn about affiliate marketing. It’s a great stepping stone and an excellent way to learn the basics of IM. It even forces you to learn about SEO, since you’re told how important it is to drive organic traffic to your site. I personally think affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money quickly, with very low overhead.

    Well…I’ve got a new tactic to help all you affiliate marketers out there…

    (More …)

  • SocialAdr v2.742 Released

    12:30 pm on February 2, 2013 | 0 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    Here’s the latest SocialAdr updates:

    • New bookmarks will be moved to the front of the Share Queue.  This way users should feel more satisfied that the system is working sooner.
    • A validation popup message was added to the Add Bookmark page to ensure that spintax {|} is used in the Title field.  It’s becoming more and more important to vary the Title text, because it forms your anchor text for backlinks, and Google penalizes sites that have a lot of identical anchor text, as it looks spammy.
    • We started beta testing on a new module that will allow you to automatically create Bookmarks from RSS feeds.  If all goes well we’ll be opening it up to more users sometime next year.
    • We added a couple new social media sites.
    • We’ve created a new Social Engage service where we’ll manage your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), post regular updates, engage users, and build better relationships with your followers and fans.
  • Improved indexing rates of social media links

    2:19 am on January 14, 2012 | 8 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    We’ve been experimenting for a while now on different techniques for improving search engine indexing rates.  And we’ve got some good news: we can happily say that we’ve found a service that seems to work quite well.


    In our tests, we managed to increase the indexing rates of a random set of over 400 social media account URLs by nearly 50% (48% to be exact) over a 3 week period.  That’s huge.

    Why is it important for backlinks to be indexed?

    It’s widely believed in the SEO business that backlinks aren’t valuable unless they are visible in Google’s index (by doing a site: or info: search for the url in Google).  I personally think links can also be valuable (possibly less valuable though) if Google decides not to show them in their index, but that’s just my opinion.  My reasoning is that many sites use the noindex meta tag, but why should this mean that links from these pages to other pages should be ignored in determining rankings?

    What does this mean to SocialAdr members?

    All social media links created by SocialAdr will now be processed by BacklinksIndexer.   We’re not charging anything extra for this new feature, and there’s nothing you need to do to enable it for your account.

    By boosting the indexation rates, this should increase the “link juice” or SEO benefit of these links.  As far as exactly how much effect this should have on rankings, we’re not sure, but if you happen to notice any differences, we’d love to hear about it.

  • Link Building Rocket = really good traffic

    1:12 am on September 13, 2011 | 3 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    There’s a guy out there who’s totally killing it in terms of getting quality traffic.

    He lives by a simple creed…

    Good traffic = good money.

    Really good traffic = really good money.

    Can’t argue with that.


    The guy’s name is Rob Burns and he’s well known amongst internet marketers for being a guy who gets results.  Here’s some interesting things about Rob:

    FACT #1:

    Rob has been the “secret weapon” some of the top guys online sneak in the back door when they can’t get their sites to rank on Google and they need some serious juice.

    FACT #2:

    He knows some crazy “ninja” stuff about getting sites to rank organically.

    Case in point:

    Sterling and Jay asked for his help to rank their site for 2 very competitive keywords with 1 BILLION (insert pinky into mouth) competing pages.

    The result:

    He was able to get them to page 1 on Google for both of those keywords.


    FACT #3:

    He helped Internet Marketing Jenius Perry Belcher rank #1 for what probably takes the cake as the weirdest niche site known to man–
    and one that you’ve probably NEVER heard of.

    FACT #4:

    Rob has created a crack team of workers he affectionately refers to as his merry band of link building elves (don’t even get me started) who follow his every maniacal bidding to execute his plan for search engine domination for the massess…

    **Gratuitous Hype Warning**

    …Tapping into the very fabric of how the Internet was originally spun back when Al Gore single-handedly invented the intrawebs.

    Sorry–got a little carried away.


    I’ve saved the best for last.

    Rob, does NOT want to sell you a system…

    Or a piece of software.

    {GASP in sheer horror}

    Check out this diabolical plot Rob has cooked up…

    If Rob has his way, yours will soon be running on Tiger Blood.

    Tiger Blood Donor Site here…

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