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  • SocialAdr v2.65 Released

    6:53 am on November 21, 2011 | 0 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    Today we rolled out some updates for v2.65:

    • Added a new social networking site – ConnectFocus.
    • If you have enough credits, the SubmissionBoost checkbox on the “Add Bookmark” page will now be checked by default when you go to add a new bookmark.  This is to encourage the use of SubmissionBoost because it’s a great way to get more variety in your link building.
  • New formula for tweet credits

    10:09 pm on June 13, 2011 | 0 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    We’ve updated the Twitter tweet credit calculation formula:


    Why?  It used to be tiered and result in only 4 different values:  1, 5, 15, 25.  This wasn’t exactly fair since someone with 999 followers would get 1 credit while someone with 1000 followers would get 5 credits.  So this new formula is definitely more fair, gradual, and caps out at a reasonable limit (for example, if you have 300,000 followers tweets are worth about 50 credits).

    Read more about Twitter integration here.

    This update is SocialAdr v.2.54.

  • Announcing Twitter!

    9:09 am on May 11, 2011 | 11 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, we’ve finally completed the Twitter integration functionality!

    We’re especially excited about this because search engines more than ever are factoring what they call ‘social signals’ heavier and heavier in their algorithms. This means that having your bookmark URLs tweeted hundreds of times will push your sites up in the rankings, faster than ever before, shooting past your competition, while driving hordes of fresh traffic.

    Here’s how it all works:

    ‘Free’ Members

    1. First you need to head to the Setup Wizard.  Here you’ll create a new Twitter account (if need be) and authorize SocialAdr to access your Twitter account.
    2. Next, go to the Share Queue.  You should notice new buttons on each bookmark (they may take a few seconds to load).  By clicking these new buttons you’ll see a popover box like so: If the “Default” tweet message is ok, simply click “Submit”, otherwise feel free to type your own “Custom” message.  Keep in mind the bookmark URL will be auto-appended to the end of your message so you’ll only have about 110 or so characters for your message.  We’re using TinyURLs to shorten any long URLs in order to conserve as much space as possible for the tweet message.  You’re currently able to send a maximum of 5 tweets per day.
    3. Now you can head to the History – Tweets Sent page to view all the tweets you’ve sent.  You can see the URL you tweeted about, the SocialAdr user who owned the bookmark, a link to the actual tweet on, how many credits you received, and the timestamp of when it happened.


    All Members

    1. The number of credits that are earned/deducted for each tweet is calculated based on the # of Twitter followers the account has.
      • ((ln(followers+50)^2)/3)-4
      • Example:  a ‘Free’ member has a Twitter account with 2035 followers. Each tweet that they send will earn them 15.5 * 0.2 = 3.1 credits.  The 0.2 multiplier is consistent with how social bookmarking submission credits are calculated.  The member who owns the bookmark will be deducted 15.5 credits, regardless of which account type they have.
    2. On the Add Bookmark page you’ll see a new “Microblog Message” section that allows you to customize the default tweet message for each of your bookmarks.  The default message is simply the bookmark Title.The user who actually posts the tweet to their Twitter account can still choose to write their own custom message, but at least, as the bookmark owner, you can set a custom message that we believe most users will choose to use.  And good news, spin tags {|} are accepted!
    3. You can view the history of any tweets you’ve received on the History – Tweets Received page. You’re shown the URL that was tweeted about, the SocialAdr user who sent the tweet, a link to the actual tweet on, how many credits it cost, and the timestamp of when it happened.  Notice that the first row cost 15 credits, because “kane” must have had between 1,000 and 10,000 followers.  The second row cost 5 credits, because “jaspert” must have had between 100 and 1,000 followers.


    What if I don’t want users tweeting my bookmarks?

    No problem at all, you can opt-out here.

    (this latest release is SocialAdr v2.50)

  • SocialAdr v2.20 Released

    6:52 pm on April 27, 2010 | 4 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    Here’s the latest changes we’ve made to SocialAdr:

    • New Instant Credits page to allow members to make 1-time credit purchases.  Perfect for the ‘Free’ members who are sick of sharing or the ‘Lazy’ members who want an extra boost of backlinks.Instant Credits
    • History – Stats page updated to hide sections that don’t apply to the ‘Lazy’ accounts.
    • ‘Lazy’ accounts welcome page updated to include a short video explaining what they need to do.
    • Help – Videos page updated to include the ‘Lazy’ video from above.
    • Members menu item removed as the menu was getting cluttered and it was unimportant for most users.
    • Existing paid members may now use the Upgrade Account page without having to email support for assistance.
  • SocialAdr v.2.16 Released

    12:40 pm on March 6, 2010 | 0 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    Here’s the latest changes we’ve rolled into SocialAdr:

    • The ‘My Recent Bookmarks’ Dashboard Widget now displays all bookmarks, even if they’re inactive.

    • You can now edit inactive bookmarksInactive bookmark(either you’ve ran out of credits or manually paused them)
    • You can now start any paused bookmark on the ‘My Bookmarks’ page regardless of how many credits you have.
    • A “Submissions of your Bookmarks” counter has been added to the top bar so it’s super easy to see how much value you’re getting from your account.  This indicates the number of successful submissions of your own bookmarks to the social bookmarking services.

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