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  • SocialAdr v2.0 Released

    6:45 am on December 9, 2009 | 8 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    Last night we released v2.0 of  This included many changes, updates, and fixes.  Here’s the full list:

    • Added Setup Wizard – the Setup Wizard is an easy, step-by-step process for getting your account full configured and ready to go.  It walks users through setting up the social bookmarking accounts, creating their first bookmark, and sharing their first bookmark.  It also keeps track of your progress so you can use it any time to check if you have anything you need to do.
    • Added the ‘Prefer not to share’ button on the Share page – we know that sometimes there are links you’d rather not share, but you don’t feel that they rise to the level of abuse.  For those cases, we’ve added the ‘prefer not to share’ button, which will simply remove that link from your Share page so you won’t see it any more.
    • Removed the bookmark ‘cell’ – This feature wasn’t adding much for our users (except sometimes confusion), so we simply removed it.  You bookmarks can still be placed into a state where other members won’t see them, but it is now indicated by a green light on your bookmarks page.
    • Added the ability to ‘pause’ a bookmark – a paused bookmark is still in your account, but it won’t be made available for other members to share until you start it again.  This gives you much better control of exactly what’s being shared and when.
    • Moved archived bookmarks – archived bookmarks are no longer listed on the My Bookmarks page.  They have been moved to their own page which can be accessed from a link at the bottom of the My Bookmarks page.
    • Added the ability to Add as many Bookmarks into the system as you want.  Any over the “active” limit will just be automatically disabled.
    • Added OneView social bookmarking site
    • Added A1-Webmarks social bookmarking site
    • Added LinkaGoGo social bookmarking site
    • Disabled Bloglines site – This site was focused on RSS feeds, so we disabled it (for now).  Look for this to brought back in a different form in the future.
    • Re-designed the accounts – we have removed the old Good and Awesome accounts (for new users) and replaced them with three new account types:
      • Link Builder
      • Link Addict
      • Linkaholic

      All of the new account types have an increased maximum number of bookmarks in the system, and an increased maximum number of shares.  The rate of return on share credits is now different per account type (Addict gets more credits per share than Builder).

    • Free Accounts updated – free accounts have also been changed.  Like the other account types, they now allow more bookmarks to be stored and more shares per bookmark.  They have had their rate of return for share credits reduced.
    • All account types have had their maximum shares per day set at 5.  This is primarily an effort to be more responsible with the social bookmarking sites, but will also increase the likelihood of logging in and finding you have enough items to share on any given day.
  • SocialAdr v1.12 Released – Performance Updates

    3:28 pm on November 8, 2009 | 1 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    We released version 1.12 of the site last night.  The upgrade included the following changes:

    • Redesigned history system, optimized for performance and growth
    • Updated Share Queue (performance)
    • Updated History pages (performance)
    • Updated Dashboard (performance)
    • Updated History – My Bookmarks logic (wasn’t showing complete details)
    • Updated History – Shared Bookmarks logic (hyperlinks now go directly to external bookmarks)
    • Added ability for social bookmarking services to be either temporarily inactivated or fully disabled
    • Updated Bloglines interface (to handle changes on their end)
    • Updated Simpy interface (better error reporting)
    • Updated Multiply interface (to handle changes on their end)
    • Updated Edit Accounts (fixed issue with duplicate accounts appearing)
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