One of the items that we want to tune down is the amount of sharing that our customers need to do in order to reap the full benefits of their account type.  In particular, order those customers currently on the ‘Awesome’ account have the potential to have their links shared a lot, medical but it requires a ton of sharing on their part.

To bring that more into line with how we’d like things to work, we’re going to actually tune up the ratio of shares received vs shares given.  Some of you that have been around since the beginning may recognize this as a leap backwards – we used to offer share return ratios greater than one on some account types.

One element of tuning down that goes along with this change is that we will be reducing the number of potential shares per day for all account types to 5.  The biggest motivating factor here is to keep things at a level that the bookmarking sites won’t consider spam.  20 shares per day is an awful lot, especially if they are happening every day on a number of accounts.

By tuning down the number of available shares per day, but tuning up the return on each share for our customers with higher accounts, we’ll be able to play a little more nicely with the social bookmarking sites while simultaneously delivering more value to our customers.

A side effect of these changes should be an increase in the size of everyone’s share queues.  Since you will be going through fewer shares per day, you won’t have as easy a time exhausting the available share queue.

In part 3 I’ll be addressing some important changes to our free account.