[kc_heading_two size=”47″ color=”#494949″]It’s possible to flip apps? Yup.[/kc_heading_two]

Alright, you know we don’t talk about other people’s stuff much here. But once in awhile, someone I know is doing something so cool that it’s worth telling you.

A couple of buddies that I mastermind with have been working with this for awhile. They created an app (in less than an hour) and then “flipped” it for $1k.

They just posted a video showing how they did it here:

Can you see yourself doing this? It’s easier than you think.

I know, because these guys have been in the app business for ages. I’ve seen their sucess stories. I know their people are doing this for real. They aren’t just blowing smoke.

And now they’ve got this new ‘flipping’ angle. It’s all the stuff they’re already good at, but with a different twist that no one else is doing.

Go check it out:

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