As we’ve been growing, you can probably imagine that the load on our server has been increasing.  At the same time, our need for a higher level of support and customer service is also growing.  More users depending on our service means that we need to be confident that we can find help right away if we need it.

To tackle both of these challenges, we moved SocialAdr to a new web host this past week.  For the most part it was a smooth transition, although we do have just a couple of minor configuration tweaks that we’re getting cleaned up.  The one impact to our customer has been that the speed with which we’re able to process the bookmarks they’ve shared is somewhat decreased.  The work is still recorded and will be completed eventually, but it hasn’t been as timely as we’d like.

We’re leveraging the enhanced support capabilities of our new host to get it resolved and expect things to return to usual shortly.  For the long run, we’re better positioned at our new home to rapidly scale up as our user base grows.