Most people who get started in internet marketing first learn about affiliate marketing. It’s a great stepping stone and an excellent way to learn the basics of IM. It even forces you to learn about SEO, since you’re told how important it is to drive organic traffic to your site. I personally think affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money quickly, with very low overhead.

Well…I’ve got a new tactic to help all you affiliate marketers out there…

Sharesly logo

Sharesly is a new tool from DoSocial that allows you to “steal” traffic from someone else’s webpage, and drive it to wherever you want.  In this case, we want it to go to our affiliate links.

Let’s look at an example:

1. Decide What You Want To Promote

You first need to figure out what affiliate product or service you want to promote.  In this case, I’ll be promoting SocialAdr (of course!).

Get your Affiliate link (and keep it handy)

I head to my SocialAdr Dashboard where I can see my affiliate link.  I keep this tab open in my browser for later.

SocialAdr affiliate URL

2. Find Some Awesome Content

Now, we need to decide what you want to share with Sharesly.  It helps if this content is something that could go “viral”.  The more engaging it is, the more likely people will want to re-share it with their friends and followers.

To help me find this amazing article, I head over to BuzzSumo.

Since SocialAdr is a social media marketing service, I search for results for the “past week” using the topic “social media marketing”:

BuzzSumo search results

The 2nd result – “39 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers” – caught my eye.


  • It’s from, and they have a great reputation
  • It has a ton of social media signals (Likes, Shares, Tweets, etc), so that means readers must love it

So, I copy this URL – – to my clipboard.

3. Log into your DoSocial account

You login here, or if you don’t have an account, you can signup (for free) here.

4. Add a Sharesly page

Inside DoSocial, go to “Sharesly Pages” and click the + icon to add a new page:

Sharesly form

Here’s what the fields mean:

  • URL to Display – This is the article URL that was in my clipboard. (time saving tip: I used the blue magic wand icon to populate the next field).
  • Page Title – This will show up as the name of the tab in your browser.  Let’s just use the same title as the article.
  • Popover Text – This is some verbage to catch the attention of the reader.  It’ll appear in a popover in the lower left corner of the screen.  In most cases you’d want to write something that’s relevant to the article.  In this case I chose to write something super-relevant to the article.
  • Popover Button Text – This is the call-to-action text on the button that appears in the popover.  You may want to use something boring like “Click here”.  Or maybe something funny, or offensive…have fun with it!
  • Button URL – This is the URL you want to send the traffic to.  Enter your affiliate URL here.
  • Custom Short Code – This is only available for the Premium DoSocial accounts.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with a random string of characters in your URL.  I chose something that’s related to the article topic.

5. Grab the Sharesly link

After you click “Save” you’ll be redirected back to your list of Sharesly pages.  Under the “Shortened URL” column you’ll see something similar to this:

Sharesly link

Click this link and your new Sharesly page should open in a new tab.

Sharesly Inc page

6. Now Promote that Sharesly link!

I first copy my Sharesly link – – to my clipboard so it’s handy.

I post it to Facebook:

Sharesly - FB post

And Google+:

Sharesly - GooglePlus post

And we can’t forget Twitter:

Sharesly - Tweet

And of course LinkedIn:

Sharesly - LinkedIn post

As far as where else to promote your Sharesly link to, that’s completely up to you.  Maybe you like using Tumblr, or Pinterest, or Reddit, or you want to write your own blog post about it.  The more places you can post that link, the better.

The goal is to get as much traffic as possible to that page.  Because the more people that see that article, the more people will be intrigued by the blue call-to-action button, and end up at SocialAdr (hopefully signing up and giving me affiliate commissions).  Of course I don’t actually get commissions from my own company, but you get the gist 😉

Hope this helps you dominate your affiliate marketing campaigns!