Earlier this year we gave you the ability to slow down the rate your bookmarks are submitted to the social sites.  Well, now we’ve given you the ability to speed up your submissions!

You’ll see on the Add Bookmark page and the My Bookmarks page a new menu item in the “Submission Rate” menu…Fast!

Disclaimer: there’s no guarantee that the rate you set will be exactly what you receive, because of the human element of SocialAdr. These are just estimates.

Here’s what the settings mean:
Drip = Once per week
Slow = Once every 2 days
Normal = 2-3 times per day
Fast = 8 times per day (costs 50% more credits)

We also added some more variability to the delays, for example Drip used to be set to every 7 days.  But now it’s either every 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 days.  This will make the submissions appear even more natural.

This new feature is v2.741