We’ve just added a new feature called Submission Rate.

You’ll see a new field on the Add Bookmark page, as well as on the My Bookmarks page.




The field when you add or edit a bookmark takes priority over the “Default Submission Rate” field on your My Bookmarks page.  So, as an example, you can set the Default rate for your account to “Slow”, but then override individual bookmarks to be “Normal”.

The Submission Rate options are:

  • Drip = once every 7 days
  • Slow = once every 2 days
  • Normal = twice a day

To slow down your submissions, your bookmark will be automatically paused .  You can still start it again yourself if you don’t want to wait the 2 or 7 days for it to receive submissions again.


There’s no guarantee that the rate you set will be exactly what you receive, because of the human element of SocialAdr. So if you set it to “Drip”, don’t be surprised if you get submissions every 8 days, instead of 7.

This new functionality is v2.725.