Ok, I have a confession.  I did recently go on vacation and during that time I completely slacked off on updating the blog.  I meant to post this a day or two after the last patch notes went up, but instead I’m just getting to it now a little over a week later.

The patch notes from last week were almost all about the new Quick Share feature on the site.  We think this is a great enhancement that will make SocialAdr better for everyone concerned.  In particular, these changes were targeted at two goals:

1) Reactivating our existing free user base.  More activity among our free users means more sharing opportunities and backlinks for our paid accounts.  By making it faster and easier to share bookmarks, plus reminding people on a daily basis, we expect to see an overall increase in the activity in everyone’s queue.

2) Preparing for the re-launch of our services.  I’ve been talking a lot about upcoming changes, overhauling accounts, etc.  You’re going to see many of those going live in the next week, after which we’ll be going on a major recruiting drive.  These changes will pave the way to keep those new users engaged and active, which benefits the entire community.

Most of the additional changes have already been made in our development environment and are just going through final testing before being moved up to the production site.  ‘Coming soon’ is on the way out, rapidly being replaced by ‘here it is’.