For this latest release, we’ve done the following:

  • Vyoom connector updated so bookmark URL will always be at end of message as a hyperlink
  • Diigo connector updated to no longer use API as it was taken offline
  • Added more robust error handling to StoryFollower and WebShare connectors
  • Reactivated social bookmarking site as we are able to connect and post bookmarks successfully again
  • Updated Bookmark4You connector to be faster and give better error messages
  • Disabled Multiply since its social bookmarking service will be discontinued on Dec 1

Also, we’ve disabled SubmissionBoost as we’re not sure if the social sites it was using are beneficial anymore, and we need time to do more testing.  We don’t want our users to burn through credits if they aren’t getting good value.  You won’t see the SubmissionBoost option anymore on the My Bookmarks or Add Bookmark page, but your history will remain accessible.