We’ve had a lot of requests to improve the My Bookmarks page.  And we’ve listened.  It took us a while to figure out how we could make the new page easy to sort AND search (both features which were lacking in the old page), but we believe the vast majority of users will be thrilled with the new design.

Some of the features of the new page include:

  • Sorting by all columns
  • Searching on all fields (makes it so much easier to find specific bookmarks)
  • Ability to display between 10-100 records per page
  • Quicker page load time than old page
  • Now showing Domain and URL, which are very useful when sorting or searching

So what are ya waiting for?   Go check out the new page (Bookmarks > My Bookmarks) and let us know your thoughts :)

If you don’t like the new page, the old page is still available (you’ll see a link in the top right corner that says >> Old Page <<).  We plan to keep it up for a while so that people have time to adapt to the new page.

This new functionality is release v2.72.