We’ve just rolled out some updates to our API.

The API methods are listed in detail here: http://socialadr.com/pg/apps/api-methods

New methods:

  • /reseller/add – Add a new Reseller sub-account
  • /reseller/credits – Move credits between Reseller master and sub-accounts
  • /twitter/followers/packages – List all available packages for Twitter Followers campaigns
  • /twitter/followers/add – Setup a Twitter Followers campaign
  • /twitter/followers/history – View the history of your Twitter Followers campaigns

The PHP SDK has also been updated, with new examples added, and completely new documentation.  Check it out here:  https://github.com/socialadr/PHP-SDK

Also, we’ve added integration to a popular blogging platform and another social bookmarking site.  Check our home page for the complete list of social sites we work with.