We’ve just rolled out an update to the Add Bookmark page, known as Easy Mode.  We’ve had a lot of people request this, as they found the process of manually writing the Title field, including spintax {|}, to be overwhelming.

This new mode will allow you to enter only the bare minimum fields while adding a bookmark, and the system will auto-generate the rest.

SocialAdr - Add Bookmark - Easy Mode

If you click the “Easy” button, it’ll switch to “Advanced” mode, which is the same ‘ol functionality that you’re accustomed to.

SocialAdr - Add Bookmark - Advanced Button

In “Easy” mode, simply paste a list of your keywords in the new Keywords field, one per line.  Enter your primary keyword on the 1st line.

Here’s how the old fields are being auto-populated:


The hidden Title field typically becomes the anchor text for any social media backlinks you’ll receive.

The approximate weighted values of the auto-generated Title field are:

  • 40% keywords
  • 40% URL and its variations (non-http, http, domain only)
  • 20% generic terms

These values were chose in order for your backlink profile to appear as natural as possible.


The hidden Tags field is generated from your Keywords.

Submission Rate

This field will be hidden in “Easy Mode” and defaulted to “Normal”.

Submission Limit

This field will be hidden in “Easy Mode” and defaulted to <blank> (no limit).

Microblog Message

Your Keywords are used to generate the microblog message, using spintax {|}.

After adding a bookmark in “Easy” mode, you can go back and edit it in “Advanced” mode, to have access to every field again, and full control over all its properties.

Let us know how you like it!