Due to popular request we’ve added a new feature:  Autofill Fields

You’ll see this new button on the “Add Bookmark” page.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Type or paste a URL into the “Address” field.
  2. Click the new “Autofill Fields” button.
  3. The Title, Description, and Tags fields will be autofilled.  The text is pulled from the HTML <HEAD> tags as defined on whatever webpage is listed in the Address.

We still recommend you spin the Title and Description though, but at least now you’ll have some applicable text to use as a starting point.

We’ve bumped up the # of bookmarks that Free members can view in the “Share Queue” from 20 to 40 so that should make it easier for you folks that are very selective on what you share.

Also, we’ll unfortunately no longer be submitting bookmarks to Mister-Wong as they are now charging a monthly fee for accounts.

These changes are all part of v2.35.