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  • Link Building Rocket = really good traffic

    1:12 am on September 13, 2011 | 3 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    There’s a guy out there who’s totally killing it in terms of getting quality traffic.

    He lives by a simple creed…

    Good traffic = good money.

    Really good traffic = really good money.

    Can’t argue with that.


    The guy’s name is Rob Burns and he’s well known amongst internet marketers for being a guy who gets results.  Here’s some interesting things about Rob:

    FACT #1:

    Rob has been the “secret weapon” some of the top guys online sneak in the back door when they can’t get their sites to rank on Google and they need some serious juice.

    FACT #2:

    He knows some crazy “ninja” stuff about getting sites to rank organically.

    Case in point:

    Sterling and Jay asked for his help to rank their site Internetbusinessmastery.com for 2 very competitive keywords with 1 BILLION (insert pinky into mouth) competing pages.

    The result:

    He was able to get them to page 1 on Google for both of those keywords.


    FACT #3:

    He helped Internet Marketing Jenius Perry Belcher rank #1 for what probably takes the cake as the weirdest niche site known to man–
    and one that you’ve probably NEVER heard of.

    FACT #4:

    Rob has created a crack team of workers he affectionately refers to as his merry band of link building elves (don’t even get me started) who follow his every maniacal bidding to execute his plan for search engine domination for the massess…

    **Gratuitous Hype Warning**

    …Tapping into the very fabric of how the Internet was originally spun back when Al Gore single-handedly invented the intrawebs.

    Sorry–got a little carried away.


    I’ve saved the best for last.

    Rob, does NOT want to sell you a system…

    Or a piece of software.

    {GASP in sheer horror}

    Check out this diabolical plot Rob has cooked up…

    If Rob has his way, yours will soon be running on Tiger Blood.

    Tiger Blood Donor Site here…

  • Niche Profit Course Review

    11:55 am on January 19, 2011 | 1 Comments Permalink | Reply
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    Niche Profit Course

    For anyone starting out in internet marketing, or even gurus looking for more advanced tactics, the “Niche Profit Course” is quite possibly one of the best internet marketing courses we’ve ever seen. This step-by-step course created by Chris Guthrie is jam packed full of all the tactics he’s personally used to sell over $930,000 of Amazon merchandise within a year.

    One thing we like about Chris is he isn’t all about hype or buzz words, not even in his sales page. He’s a straight shooter and even says “Because I care so much about my reputation I’ve put everything I know about making money with Amazon.com into this course and haven’t held anything back.” You can definitely tell when you see the course material that this is indeed the case.

    Check out the “Niche Profit Course” now!

    In case you’re curious what the course contains, here’s the outline:

    • Module 1: The Basics
    • Module 2: How To Find A Good Niche
    • Module 3: How To Set Up An Income Generating Blog
    • Module 4: How To Write Content For Your Blog
    • Module 5: How To Make Money
    • Module 6: How To Build Links and Get Traffic
    • Module 7: Live Mini Site Case Studies
    • Module 8: Live Authority Site Case Study
    • Module 9: More Live Website Case Studies
    • Module 10: Niche Profit Course Wrap Up
    • Bonus Module: Outsourcing
    • Bonus Module: Buying Domain Names After Market

    Check out the “Niche Profit Course” now!

    Some of our favorite things about this course are:

    1. An awesome WordPress theme is included and Chris devotes an entire module into showing you what the theme can do and how to do it. The theme alone is worth the $97 he charges for the course. What we really like about the theme is how easy it makes it to display the featured posts, an opt-in section, social icons, and the controls for the navigation bar.
    2. Chris actually gives out he URL of one of his sites and then goes into detail by making a case study out of it. For us, this is very valuable because it’s rare to see a course with a live site included as an example of what your sites should look like.
    3. The niche research module is excellent. Chris shares how he gets his niche ideas, and then demonstrates all the free and paid tools that he uses to determine if the niche is a viable one or not. There’s a lot of clever tactics shown in here that most marketers aren’t aware of.

    Check out the “Niche Profit Course” now!

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